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exercise peace.


welcome to kitehigh 

let's start off by throwing out a few things .

a.  i probably didn't scan these pictures. 
     my scanning ability sort-of sucks. so 
     i take no claim over the pictures. 

b. the actual icons though, i do take credit for.
    so give credit where credit is due. mm`kay?

c. joining would be the best thing in the world. 
    i'll love you forever. and that's an awesome thing. 
    plus, now that kitehigh has gone private. to view
    all of our entries you kind of have to join. <3

d. for affiliation oppurtunities - well, just post here. 
    all affiliates are located in the profile. maybe one
    day i'll feel like putting a link up. but i'm too lazy. 

e. this won't be just icons. i like other things too. 
    maybe just some commentaries or like some
    one fifty by one fifty cuts for kicks and giggles. 

f.  no hotlinking. that's really just not cool. and, 
    well, i just don't like it. just don't do it. mm`kay?

g. i'm erica. learn it. remember it. really though. 
     it's a cool name. sort-of. whatever.

so enjoy


click to join. yeah i know, it's pretty darn convenient. 


Tags: couture, fashion, icons, kitehigh, models
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